Thursday, July 19, 2007 dream girls

You know how there are those fake women on myspace? I have been wondering today if there could be fake women. There are these gorgeous women on there with ridiculously impeccable taste, and I just wonder if they could possibly be real. I just don't know what would be in it for someone to make a fake person. Still, I wonder if it's possible that a few of these women don't actually exist.

I guess when you think about it, a lot of us are sort of fake on Any sites with a social networking component are going to encourage people to put their best face forward, pick the most flattering pictures, mention stuff that they think sounds cool in their personal info, and in the case of, potentially skew their listening habits (unconsciously, if not intentionally).

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Dave said...

Great discussion about Last.FM, Facebook, MySpace, etc. "putting a pop face forward to the world" at Poptimists (I swear they don't pay me to do this).

My favorite site is Pandora, which will try to map my tastes for me based on my input. I've been working on a teenpop station for a while, but there are enough glitches that I'd recommend it more as a "general" taste site and not as a genre survey (the wider/more general the input, the better the station). Although Pandora's introduced me to at least a dozen artists I never would have heard of within my general field o' study otherwise.